Service guidelines

Good communication and trust are vital in the relationship between lawyer and client.

This is why Ms van den Broek attaches so much importance to communicating clearly from the first telephone call or cell visit right through to the last letter written. This applies equally to legal, general or practical information. In the case of police arrest, practical information is certainly at least as important as legal advice.

A well-informed client has a good understanding of their situation and trusts the lawyer to reach a satisfactory outcome to their case. Ms van den Broek will therefore discuss which solutions are feasible and above all, realistic, and which are not. In this way she gives the client an honest view of the case. This allows her, in consultation with the client, to choose the correct strategy for the situation and proceed accordingly.

Some clients need written and/or verbal assistance for hearings when indicted or petitioned. Other clients need to initiate proceedings by submitting a request for indictment or petitioning another individual. However, striking a bargain can often be the best answer. The agreements made can be recorded in writing so that, if required, they are enforceable in court. Creative solutions and any other available alternatives can and will be considered.

Ms van den Broek is practical, result-oriented and acts quickly. She never loses sight of the individuality of her clients or the reputation of her business clients. If required, she can communicate and correspond in English, French, German or Spanish.

Ms van den Broek offers her services to both private individuals and business clients.