Ms van den Broek studied at the University of Leiden. She graduated in Dutch Law and Company Law in 2001.

Ms van den Broek started out in 2001 as an associate in the company law department of a medium-sized law firm in Amsterdam. She was later sworn in as a lawyer with the same firm. Besides her work for the company law department she also gained experience with this firm in employment law in the broadest sense of the word.

In 2003, Ms van den Broek continued her career at a small law firm in Haarlem. She operated a general practice with the most important areas of law being employment law, law of persons and family law, tenancy law and company law. She also helped dozens of people who were victims of stock share lease arrangements with, mainly, the Dexia Bank. Ms van den Broek not only defended indicted investors but also helped arrange settlements for investors under the Duisenberg agreement. During this period, she also gained considerable experience in franchise law and gave advice accordingly.

In 2005, Ms van den Broek made the step up to her own independent practice through a mutual cooperation agreement with another law office in Haarlem. She dealt with many personal law and family law cases in this capacity.

On 1 January 2007, Ms van den Broek set up her own office from where she has been handling cases in all the areas of law she has been involved with since the start of her career.

Ms van den Broek speaks fluent English, good French and German and can also make herself understood in Spanish.