Areas of law

Ms van den Broek operates a general practice. This means that she can offer assistance in various areas of law. It also means that she is able to look beyond the boundaries of each separate area of law.

General Contract law

  • Fulfilment of contractual obligations
  • Annulment of contracts in case of malperformance and claiming compensation, including stock share lease contract cases
  • Annulment on the grounds of error or lack of intent

Debt collection

  • Obtaining payment for unpaid invoices

Personal and family law

  • Divorce suits and defending them
  • Setting, amending or annulling alimony for partners or children
  • Setting, amending or terminating access arrangements
  • Changing christian (first) name or surname

Criminal law

  • Defence in all criminal cases (detentions, or official representations to the sub-district court judge for criminal cases, the Police Magistrate, Full Bench Division or in appeals but also bargaining with the public prosecutor's office)
  • Compensation claims for wrongful detention
  • Petitioning pardons
  • Consolidation of the injured party's grievances